LDP longboard

LDP Completes and Gears

LEPSK8 LDP Longboard System

LDP has become more and more popular around the world. LEPSK8 has provided its own solution for LDP: composite deck, integrated front truck and 0 degree torsion tail truck. Our LDP system is used and tested by LDP community and gained quite nice and positive feedback. LDPSK8 LDP system features competitive price and high performance.

  • Platform: top+bottom carbon fiber, bamboo, Canadian maple and fiberglass inside
  • Front truck: CNC aluminum, integrated TKP 25 degree, integrated RKP 55 degree
  • Rail truck: CNC aluminum, 0 degree, torsion. Energy saving.

Bamboo Skateboard Series

LEPSK8 Bamboo Skateboarding

We have seen the growing passion for skateboarding around the globe. And we also witness the rapid deforestation of old maple trees. LEPSK8 team tests many types of material, to replace the best maple wood with substitute material, over the past 10 years.

We radically replace all maple wood with bamboo veneers in some of our decks and hybrid bamboo with maple in others. Bamboo plant vastly grows on the planet. And it takes much less time for bamboo to grow.

Different from maple wood’ rotary slicing method, bamboo veneers are constructed with small trips, which can effectively absorb the impact during harsh landing and hitting. Epoxy glue are evenly applied manually to ensure the highest quality.

Our classic bamboo skateboard decks, hybrid bamboo and maple skateboard complete, bamboo mini cruiser are suitable for both beginners and professional skaters, kids and adult.

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